Cirque Du Soleil – Twas The Night Before at Arizona Financial Theatre

arizona financial theatre Cirque Due SoleilThis holiday season brings forth a grand spectacle unlike you’ve ever seen! The adventure-packed showcase filled with high-flying acrobats, breathtaking dancers, daring stunts, and more is set to make your jaws drop and your heart pound with much-needed adrenaline! Match that with great soul-serenading music and an impressive set design. You’ve got yourself the best show in town! All these things can only mean the circus in town, and it’s not your ordinary circus! It’s the Cirque Du Soleil! Featuring its Christmas epic, Twas the Night Before, Cirque Du Soleil will be conquering the Arizona Financial Theatre from December 15 to 24, 2023! This amazing Christmas show is designed to liven up your five senses with its incredible aural and visual experience! It’s not every day that the world’s top circus is in town, so you better hurry and secure tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Twas the Night Before by clicking on the Get Tickets link now!

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“Magical Storytelling” and “The talent was insane!” – Boston Central

“Score: 99%. ‘Twas The Night Before: Cirque du Soleil’s world premiere is not to be missed.” – Front Row Center.

Twas the Night Before is Cirque Du Soleil’s first-ever holiday show. The story is based on Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem “A Visit from Saint Nicolas.” Cirque’s story starts with a young girl named Isabel who has lost her Christmas spirit. As she grows into a teenager, she becomes apathetic towards holiday traditions that used to make her happy. Her father finds ways to revive her love for the occasion to no avail. But fate has other plans because Isabella is destined to discover a world full of wonder! On the fateful night she was whisked away to a strange upside-down world, Isabel meets quirky characters who happen to have incredible talents in dancing, acrobats, magic, and more! As the strange new world captivates the heart of Isabela, she learns to find her Christmas spirit once more. 

This Christmas-themed production boasts all the things that make Cirque du Soleil the top circus across the globe. Aside from the groundbreaking score and vivid and brilliant costumes, the production showcases incredible death-defying stunts, high-flying dancers, and many more. The performances have been known to include the Straps Dance, Roller Skate Duo, The Acro Table, Hotel Cart, and Hoop Diving, among others. It’s a wonderful world full of adventures and provides audiences with an exhilarating journey into the upside-down world. This 2023, the show continues to bring the top Christmas production with the leadership of Cirque’s senior artistic director, James Hadley. 

This inspirational Christmas story is Cirque’s best-selling holiday production. Debuting in 2019, Twas the Night Before opened with an incredible reception. Its premier in New York amassed over 300,000 attendees, and that number has grown even bigger over the years that the show went on tour. Aside from incredible performances, guests can also look forward to all the holiday hits, such as “Deck the Hall,” “Joy to the World,” “Angels We Have Heard on High,” and much, much more. If you’re looking to lift your Christmas spirit this holiday season, seeing Cirque Du Soleil’s Twas the Night Before at the Arizona Financial Theatre should be on your bucket list. 

Cirque Due Soleil twas night before

This holiday showcase has garnered incredible reviews from fans and critics. The Chicago Tribune’s review expounded that Twas the Night Before is not just a wonderful performance for children. “It is a sophisticated entertainment that should also work well for ‘tweens and even cynical teens, mostly due to a cool design pallet and a very interesting soundtrack mashing up traditional Christmas music in a highly contemporary fashion.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times has nothing but good words for the breathtaking production during its premier at the Madison Square Garden in 2019. The reviewer gave props to the show for “chasing the holiday spirit” and for its “perfectly diverting” acrobatics. “The acrobats are all glamour and athleticism, the skaters all speed and daring. But in “‘Twas the Night Before…,; Cirque du Soleil’s festive yet fumbling entry into the seasonal entertainment market, Santa’s silly reindeer hit the sweet spot.”

Lastly, the New York Guide gave the production a perfect five out of five stars. “The night’s theme is the beauty of giving and the light in all of us,” explains Holly Harms after catching a 2022 production in New York. “Again and again, the light of the night, that symbolic star of David, is given away and shared and held with care. And that light is one of the ways that Cirque du Soleil took thought in keeping the production as nondenominational as possible to ensure that all could experience the wonderment.”

“Perfectly diverting.” – The New York Times.

“Flurry of love” and “reaches its joyous finale!”  – Stage and Cinema

Cirque Due Soleil

From  December 15 to 24, the Cirque Du Soleil is set to light up Arizon’s top entertainment venue, the Arizona Financial Theatre. The prime entertainment destination in Downtown Phoenix is among the city’s state-of-the-art multi-purpose theaters. The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and light technology, providing attendees with a crisp soundscape and incredible visuals. Meanwhile, the theater’s top-tier facilities and great customer service provide guests an unforgettable entertainment experience. With the venue’s ample parking and easy accessibility, going to see the Cirque du Soleil at the Arizona Financial Theatre is guaranteed a fuss-free experience.

The Cirque Du Soleil’s Twas the Night Before was especially produced to entertain families across North America and beyond. The show is proud to feature exhilarating acrobats, beloved characters, and a groundbreaking soundtrack. The show is a highly lovable production that is designed to lift your Christmas spirits! If you’re looking for great entertainment this holiday season, this is the perfect thrilling extravaganza for you and your whole family! Enjoy this out-of-this-world experience in the comforts of the top entertainment destination, the Arizona Financial Theatre!

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“You will clap and cheer and wish that this was not just 77 minutes long but forever long.” – New York Theater Guide.