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Brett Goldstein

Just when you thought that he was about to wrap up his phenomenally successful sold-out trek, he's still going at it this 2024! Do you want to laugh hysterically?! Who wouldn't?! Laughter is the best medicine after all! Thrilling news just made headlines in the comedy world and it's slated to make your 2024 an excellent year! The Second Best Night Of Your Life is now extended until spring! That means you will get more of the sensational comedy powerhouse Brett Goldstein! The Emmy-winning actor is basically the hottest stand-up comic at the moment, and he definitely knows the way to his fans' hearts - which is more shows! So, whether you’ve missed his 2023 putting or simply want to see him again, you have the perfect opportunity to catch him delivering a coveted laugh riot in Phoenix, Arizona! Get ready to laugh until tears come out as Brett Goldstein performs his latest stand-up set at the Arizona Financial Theatre on Saturday 6th, April 2024! The show is guaranteed to have the entire audience erupt in laughter as Goldstein presents his outstandingly unique brand of humor! So, if you’re keen on putting yourself in a great mood this spring, you better hurry and secure tickets now to see Brett Goldstein at the Arizona Financial Theatre on Saturday, 6th April 2024!

In 2023, Brett Goldstein, the man behind the brilliant role of Roy Kent in the award-winning series Ted Lasso, made a phenomenal breakthrough. He embarked on a few trial shows that sold out and turned into multi-night runs. Soon, Goldstein plotted a major U.S. outing with several dates. But that also sold out! Due to high demand, the year 2023 has turned into a fully-packed extravaganza, with Goldstein having residency shows in multiple cities, with the recently culminated 2023 show, the Best Night of Your Life receiving wide critical acclaim. Goldstein’s hilarious storytelling and witty observations resonated well with audiences across the U.S. For this reason, fans are demanding for several more dates!

For his highly awaited show at the Arizona Financial Theatre on Saturday, 6th April 2024, Brett Goldstein is guaranteed to show audiences his unique take on anecdotes. The acclaimed comedian may have recently broken through the U.S. comedy scene, but he’s actually a long-accomplished veteran comedian back in his home country, England. If you’re looking for the angry footballer Rog Kent during his stand-up, you better guess again. The version that fans are going to get is more light-hearted, and Goldstein will probably show you that smile you rarely get on TV. But ultimately, you will get brilliant, unrelenting humor that can lift your mood and energy. Great laughs are guaranteed on this one, just as the thousands of professional comedy critics who gave him rave reviews!

So expect some remarkable as Brett Goldstein takes the stage at the Arizona Financial Theatre. The show is slated to be fully packed, considering that he has sold out every show in his 2023 tour. But even if the venue is a full house, the Arizona Financial Theatre is equipped to accommodate plenty of foot traffic for a high-profile event like Brett Goldstein’s Second Best Night of Your Life. The 5,000-venue boasts ample space, plush seating, state-of-the-art lights and sound, and excellent facilities. Aside from great comedy, fans can totally look forward to a great night out in this world-class venue.

Don’t wait too long now! You better hurry and score your tickets now to see Brett Goldstein at the Arizona Financial Theatre on Saturday 6th, April 2024! Tickets are now available through the Get Tickets link!

Brett Goldstein at Arizona Financial Theatre

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