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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Brit Floyd

The best Pink Floyd tribute... BRIT FLOYD is back on the road! Following a highly successful tour in celebration of The Dark Side Of The Moon's 50th anniversary, the premier tribute act is launching a new "P-U-L-S-E World Tour" commemorating 30 years of the original band's 14th LP "The Division Bell". It's bound to be a night of rockin' it all out to the record's big hits - such as "Lost for Words", "Wearing the Inside Out", "Coming Back to Life", "Marooned", "High Hopes", and many more. Brit Floyd is coming to you live on stage at Arizona Financial Theatre on Friday, June 28. It sure is one rockin' blast from the past! As the band's legendary hits make their way back to the live stage, Brit Floyd is definitely the real deal. In a pitch-perfect manner, this tribute act offers the most authentic Pink Floyd concert experience in the modern age. Fans of all generations are bound to unite as The Division Bell conquers the stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Get ready for a guitar-slammin' night as Pink Floyd's hits get reborn on the live stage. Performed by the nation's premier Pink Floyd tribute act, BRIIT FLOYD is set to celebrate 30 years of the iconic album, "The Division Bell". Following the tribute band's massive celebration of The Dark Side Of The Moon's 50th anniversary, they're raising the bar - defining what the REALest tribute act is all about. Sharing pitch-perfect live performances of the original band's greatest hits, fans of all generations will be able to witness what the lucky folks from back in the day had on stage. It sure is life-changing!

Having pioneered the dawn of progressive and psychedelic rock, Pink Floyd is a band known for its legendary music and electrifying live shows. In 1994, they released their 14th studio LP "The Division Bell". It served some of the band's greatest hits - "Lost for Words", "Wearing the Inside Out", "Coming Back to Life", "Marooned", and "High Hopes". Three decades later, it continues to electrify the hearts of rockheads, of all generations. Now, they're serving it up live on stage, sharing the Pink Floyd experience for those feeling a bit nostalgic, and for the younger ones who want to experience these songs live.

"I think it’s a desire (for audiences) to experience this music live. For those who were young when it came out, it’s the soundtrack of their lives," Darlington shared, as cited from a feature by Local Spins. "It helped create their identity. The younger generation who weren’t born (when the band was recording and touring) want to experience it live."

They surely are the REALest Pink Floyd experience you can get today. Replicating the band's every pitch-perfect note and every inch of their live mannerisms, it sure is an outstanding show.

"We put on a very substantial show," Damian Darlington, musical director of Brit Floyd, shared. "There's a huge light show, there's video projections, there's lasers, there's inflatables and there's over 2 1/2 hours of the best of Pink Floyd music running alongside all of that."

Back then, Pink Floyd shaped a new age of rock music, and it's here to stay. As Brit Floyd keeps the legacy alive, they sure are the real deal. Don't miss out on the P-U-L-S-E World Tour by booking your tickets now!

Brit Floyd at Arizona Financial Theatre

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