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With a new album right around the corner, the "Wish You Were Sober" singer-songwriter is heading back to the stage for "Found Heaven On Tour" kicking off this year. Get ready to shed a tear and sing your heart out as Conan Gray takes his biggest hits, fan favorites, and new anthems live on stage in his newest sonic era. "Found Heaven", his third studio LP, will include his newest roster of hits - "Never Ending Song", "Winner", "Killing Me", "Lonely Dancers", and "Alley Rose". You can bet you'll witness his captivating live performances of these tracks. The album in its entirety is scheduled for release this April. Part of the trek is a special stop at Arizona Financial Theatre on Sunday, October 20. He'll also be joined by Masie Peters as the tour's special guest. From "Kid Krow", "Superache" and down to his newest era "Found Heaven", we're all set to be blessed by the one and only Conan Gray. Book your tickets now!

If you've been struck by the feels of "I wish I were Heather...", you're set for a new era of Conan Gray's tearjerkers and striking lyrical tales as "Found Heaven" makes its official release on April 5th via Republic Records. Following the massive reign of "Kid Krow" and "Superache" marking the young star as the next big thing, Conan Gray's music have touched hearts and souls around the globe. As "Found Heaven" hits the shelves, we've got all our hearts ready to be crushed. The album will include his previously-released singles "Never Ending Song", "Winner", "Killing Me", "Lonely Dancers", and "Alley Rose".

Conan Gray will be joined by Masie Peters as his official guest on the upcoming "Found Heaven On Tour". Kicking off the global trek in Australia, Gray will fly across North America this Fall, performing headlining shows in major cities. "Can’t wait to be together screaming FH (plus all of our favorite classics) so soon," Gray shared on Instagram.

As Gray takes his music to the next level with his third full-length record, his new hits will definitely take airwaves by storm. He also shares that while you'll hear his new material live on stage, he'll also be playing "favorite classics" on the set. We're betting on "Crush Culture", "Checkmate", "Comfort Crowd", "The Cut That Always Bleeds", "Astronomy", "Memories", "People Watching", and many more on the list.

With music that provided an escape amidst life's hurt, challenges, and deep scars, Conan Gray captured the hearts and souls of listeners around the world. Through his gentle and soaring vocals singing relatable tales of love and hurt, we've all brawled to his tunes. "Maniac", "Wish You Were Sober", and "Heather" have surely struck all the feels.

Now, let's go back to the start... The world soon found Conan Gray as the next big thing upon the release of "Kid Krow" back in March 2020. It hit #5 on the US Billboard 200, becoming the biggest debut of the year by a US artist. Two years later, he followed it up with "Superache", receiving massive acclaim from fans and critics alike.

"I wrote these songs for me," he told NYLON. "All I knew is that I didn’t want to repeat myself and say the same things I said on Kid Krow and I think life has changed enough for me to have new things to say."

As Found Heaven strikes airwaves real soon, Conan Gray shares that he made the album "with the intention of wanting to surprise people," via Dork.

As Gray kicks off the Found Heaven On Tour, get ready to witness his newest sonic era come to life. "Touring is the moment where it becomes this massively healing process where I take these emotions that are so personal and so painful, and then I get to look out into a crowd of people who are furiously screaming every single word back to me." he told TexasMonthly.

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Conan Gray at Arizona Financial Theatre

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