Disney Junior Live: Costume Palooza at Arizona Financial Theatre

Disney Junior Live Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

September has never looked better than it has when it comes to all ages theater shows. And Disney Junior Live: Costume Palooza is coming back to Phoenix to perform live at the famous Arizona Federal Theatre. This coming Sunday 4th September 2022, you and the entire family can watch the theater show that people are calling the "most memorable theater show for families in all of 2022". You won't soon forget the thrills and excitement of this live performance, and neither will the kids! You'll be able to savour superb seating, an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, and some of the most excellent beverages and snacks you can have to add flavor to everyone's experience. Don't miss out, click the buy tickets button below to get started!

Disney Junior Live: Costume Palooza at Arizona Federal Theatre

Many theatre shows have extremely average sound Arizona Federal Theatre. This hugely popular venue is renowned for delivering some of the most glorious costumes and set designs anywhere in the country, and their sound engineering is simply second to none. The shows on offer here are also perfect for the whole family to sit and enjoy, so you no longer have to be bored watching a show that only the kids will enjoy, because you’ll love it too! Theater shows have some of the finest theatrics you’ll ever see, and what better way to experience all of this than with your family. Simply secure tickets and come out to the breathtaking Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix for any of their upcoming shows, including Disney Junior Live: Costume Palooza on Sunday 4th September 2022.

Disney Junior Live: Costume Palooza at Arizona Federal Theatre

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