Dr. Jordan Peterson at Arizona Financial Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Join Dr. Jordan Peterson for one Tuesday night centered on cutting-edge psychology this 14th of May LIVE at the Arizona Financial Theatre. The critically acclaimed Canadian author and commentator is currently touring the United States in support of his newest book, “We Who Wrestle with God,” with over fifty cities marked to discuss his insights on foundational Western religion. Through a sharply honed approach from his years of teaching at the prestigious University of Toronto, Dr. Jordan Peterson will tackle the great storytelling canons of recorded history, dissecting their notions of spirituality and society with scalpel-like intuition. Our esteemed guest speaker has previously opened millions of minds with his global best-seller, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” as well as the psycho-philosophical nonfiction “Maps of Meaning.” Today, he continues to share knowledge from his chart-topping, self-titled educational podcast, and soon, you’ll be experiencing Dr. Peterson’s brilliance LIVE in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Book your reservations now!

See beyond society’s veneer and grasp the inner workings of culture and humanity in an evening of rousing academic discourse with one of North America's most enlightened minds. Dr. Jordan Peterson, Canadian psychologist and best-selling author, sets his sights on 51 cities across the United States to promote and discuss his upcoming book, “We Who Wrestle With God.” On May 14th, the professor’s tour stop in the city of Phoenix will land at the renowned Arizona Financial Theatre.

“His focus on making the sovereign power of individual responsibility the priority of our generation is right on the mark. I find this message a very beneficial and opportune advice for our time. This is why he has so many followers — many others feel that this is where our society needs the most help right now.”

“We Who Wrestle With God,” our speaker’s groundbreaking new intellectual study, will reveal the very foundations of ancient Western civilization and its metamorphoses toward modern times. Join Dr. Peterson as he examines the great canons of yore, from Bible sagas to traditional folk parables, detailing step-by-step how they portrayed — and even constructed — mankind’s cultural and scientific self.

From an entirely new point of view, audiences will delve into the niche and nuances of Biblical epics: Adam and Eve and the First Sin. Cain and Abel’s murderous brotherhood. The wrath, the flood, and the Ark of Noah. The Tower of Babel. Even the sea-parting trials of Moses and the Israelites. Together with Dr. Peterson, you will analyze each act of suffering and sacrifice until you reach the spiritual and psychological roots that underpin culture and collective identity as we know it. Explore the structures of the bigger picture. Understand the individual.

A visionary even among his peers, Dr. Jordan Peterson has graced the world with his critically acclaimed bibliography, hallmarked by the 1999 psycho-philosophical nonfiction “Maps of Meaning” and the global self-help bestseller, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” He has sold over 12 million copies across his entire body of work, which also includes other celebrated texts, such as “An ABC of Childhood Tragedy” and “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.”

Experience the unique wisdom of Dr. Jordan Peterson, esteemed Professor Emeritus of the University of Toronto, during his tour’s stop on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, at the Arizona Financial Theatre. Phoenix’s iconic cultural landmark offers a stylishly elegant stage fit for our world-class speaker, whose lectures will be made even more riveting by excellent lighting and acoustic fidelity. Click the link above to book your reservations now!

Dr. Jordan Peterson at Arizona Financial Theatre

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