Franco Escamilla at Arizona Financial Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Franco Escamilla

Franco Escamilla, the infamous “Master of Sarcasm” himself, is revving up for an evening of delightfully edgy stand-up this Friday, May 10th, at the Arizona Financial Theatre! Following the international success of his recent “Gaby Tour,” the “La Diablo Squad” founder has set his sights on the United States for a 36-city series of all-new performances. Travel back in time to 1995 in Franco Escamilla’s upcoming live show, where he retells the year’s most historic events, impeccably styled with sarcasm and sharp-witted twists. As seen from his critically acclaimed “Eavesdropping” and “Welcome to the World” Netflix specials, our headlining artist will treat you to masterfully comedic storytelling honed for 10 years in the stand-up business. If you liked him in Comedy Central’s “El Comediante del Sombrero” or Estrella TV’s “The Franco Escamilla Show,” then you’re going to LOVE him LIVE this May in front of the Arizona Financial Theatre’s stylish backdrop. Seats are filling up - book your reservations ASAP!

Year of the Dragon? Naaah! 2024 is gonna be the Year of the Devil if Franco “El Diablo” Escamilla has something to say and believe us, he has quite a few choice tales to tell. This year, the legendary Latino comedian closes his acclaimed global “Gaby” Tour with a bang by announcing a new nationwide series of performances to bookend a DECADE of sold-out roadshows. This highly anticipated run will see the stand-up star in 36 cities all over the United States, including an appearance on May 10 LIVE at the Arizona Financial Theatre.

From 2014’s “Ríspida Rapsodia Regia” to last year’s “Festival Latino de Comedia,” Franco Escamilla has been one of the HOTTEST names in stand-up circuits, and if you didn’t know that, then get ready for one helluva ride! The founding father of the renowned “La Diablo Squad” will entertain you with devilishly delightful stories smoking with sarcasm — a style he’s been sharpening to a deadly point in his “La Mesa Reñoña” YouTube series, Estrella TV’s “The Franco Escamilla Show,” and Comedy Central’s “El Comediante del Sombrero.”

“His unique comedic style is rough, biting, and seasoned with a healthy dose of dark humor. In his new show, he will take us through the most important, funny, and impactful events that happened during 1995, in a way only Franco can, with anecdotes, facts, and an unexpected twist.”

The “1995” Show will be a no-holds-barred throwback to the titular year — a sort of twisted CliffsNotes version of its biggest events set in Escamilla’s personal anecdotes packed full of edgy punchlines and surprising turns. Candid. Hilarious. Unashamed. Our headliner has learned a lot from creating beloved Netflix specials such as “Welcome to the World,” “For the Anecdote,” and “Eavesdropping,” so expect nothing less than world-class stand-up thrown square in your face!

Mark Friday, May 10, with a big red circle in your calendar, and save the date for Franco Escamilla’s riveting live event at the Arizona Financial Theatre. A proud cultural landmark of the city of Phoenix, this venue for the performing arts boasts top-of-the-line amenities for even the biggest productions, with an exquisite stage, lighting, and acoustics to elevate your experience. Click the “Get Tickets” button now and reserve the best seats in the house!

Franco Escamilla at Arizona Financial Theatre

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