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Gloria Trevi

The irrepressible Gloria Trevi is back for a new show-stopping performance at the Arizona Financial Theatre this Friday, February 23, with special guest MAR Solís! The "Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop" embarks on her "Mi Soundtrack World Tour" following last year's "Isla Divina" stint. Featuring fresh and classic hits, the tour will trek the US for thirty-two shows from January to September in support of her latest music releases. Born from the wild '80s, Gloria Trevi is a trailblazer who redefined pop music early on with her unique rasp and sharp critiques. Her debut album, "¿Qué Hago Aquí?," brought us the Mexican chart-topper "Dr. Psiquiatra," while classics like "Pelo Suelto" came forth from her second album "Tu Ángel de la Guarda." Over two decades later, Gloria continues to rule Latin pop with platinum records like "Gloria" and "Versus." The Arizona Financial Theatre is excited to host the singer's return, offering pitch-perfect acoustics! Buy your Gloria Trevi tickets now!

The "Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop" can't get enough of your support, so she's circling back for a new round of flashy performances! Following last year's "Isla Divina" series, Gloria Trevi announces the "Mi Soundtrack World Tour," inspired by her two latest album drops. The US leg will host thirty-two shows from January to September, with a smoldering comeback show on February 23 at the Arizona Financial Theatre featuring singer-songwriter MAR Solís.

"Gloria Trevi's power is in the ferocity of her intent… The ballads soar. The pop moments sparkle. The rock anthems ripple through the crowd. It's an exhilarating trek through more than three decades of hits."

A true wild child of the '80s, Gloria Trevi trademarks her shows with daring fashion and constantly evolving theatrics. She's outrageous. Notorious. She's unquestionably, ferociously larger than life itself! Gloria Trevi reinvented the image of a pop star early in her career through a distinctive rasp and biting commentary. She started strong with her first solo album, "¿Qué Hago Aquí?," which featured the no. 1 Mexican hit, "Dr. Psiquiatra," and followed it up with classics like "Pelo Suelto" and "Ya no" in her second album "Tu Ángel de la Guarda." Nearly twenty years later, Gloria would remain on top of the Latin pop world, releasing certified platinum records and Billboard-breaking albums, including "Gloria," "El Amor," and "Versus."

The upcoming concert will feature select hits from Gloria's most recent releases. See below for their complete track listings.

Que Se Acabe El Mundo
Les Diré, Les Diremos (Versión 2023)
Poder y Fama (Versión 2023)
Cosas De La Vida (Versión 2023)
Te Diré Que Sí (Versión 2023)
No Tengo Ropa (Versión 2023)
¿Qué Voy A Hacer Sin Él? (Versión 2023)
Contononeia (Versión 2023)
Con Los Ojos Cerrados (Versión 2023)
Dr. Psiquiatra (Versión 2023)
Me Estoy Rompiendo En Pedazos (Versión 2023)

Como Si Fuera La Primera Vez (Versión 2023)
Siempre Yo (Versión 2023)
Jack El Reprobador (Versión 2023)
¿Qué Hago Aquí? (Versión 2023)
El Huevo
Soñando (Versión 2023)
Bésame Aquí (Versión 2023)
El Juicio (Versión 2023)
No Hay Almohada
Me Siento Tan Sola (Versión 2023)
Mañana (Versión 2023)

Our opening act, MAR Solís, is the daughter of Billboard Latin Music Hall of Famer Marco Antonio Solís. Just like her old man, the rising pop singer took the world by firestorm through sizzling hits such as "Quédate," "Calavera," and "Taking Back Your Heart."

Catch Gloria Trevi LIVE this Friday. February 23, in downtown Phoenix's Arizona Financial Theatre! The go-to venue in the state for touring productions, this multi-purpose indoor stage utilizes a minimalistic approach to interior arrangements, focusing on cutting-edge utilities that elevate live performances. Pristine lighting. Finely balanced acoustics. Clear sightlines from anywhere. It's a world-class concert experience you shouldn't miss, so book your seats now before they fill up!

Gloria Trevi at Arizona Financial Theatre

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