I Think You Should Leave Live: Tim Robinson & Zach Kanin at Arizona Financial Theatre

I Think You Should Leave Live Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

I Think You Should Leave Live

Listen up, we think you should leave your house and drive down to Phoenix this spring! The Netflix phenomenon “I Think You Should Leave” is going LIVE at the amazing Arizona Financial Theatre on Wednesday, May 1st, at 7:30 PM on the dot! For the first time ever, three-time Emmy winner Tim Robinson, the comedic mastermind behind the show, is leading the exclusive 10-date US Tour with special guest and co-creator Zach Kanin joining the ride. But who knows, there might even be some surprise guests to add to the mayhem! This event brings the absurdist brilliance of the Netflix series to the stage, featuring scripted chaos, laugh-out-loud improv, and iconic characters live for everyone to enjoy. What’s more, the Arizona Financial Theatre will provide an intimate setting and great acoustics, perfect for experiencing the full spectrum of their weirdness up close! Grab your tickets now before they sell out!

Obsessed with that weird minute-long Netflix sketch? Get ready for the real chaos! I Think You Should Leave LIVE hits the Arizona Financial Theatre on Wednesday, May 1st, with creators Tim Robinson & Zach Kanin. Surprise guests will be announced soon, so stay tuned for more information. Come Netflix and Chill with us, except it will be on a stage with a lot of laughter!

Pack up your bags and join these comedic misfits on their historic, first-ever live tour! The upcoming 10-date trek kicks off in the Big Apple on April 2nd, with a special stop in Detroit, the comedians' hometown, before concluding its hilarious journey at the iconic Greek Theatre in sunny L.A. on May 11th.

Dive headfirst into the insane and phenomenal show that redefined comedy! The popular Netflix show “I Think You Should Leave” is best known for featuring cringe comedy sketches in which characters navigate awkward social or professional situations. Moreover, these characters often double down on embarrassing mistakes, attempting to justify their actions and deflect blame onto others.

“This impossibly hilarious Netflix sketch show’s third season is incredible. Robinson’s comedy explodes at you from a million different angles. He’s made a sketch show, but one that deliberately avoided the genre’s traditional premise-escalation-conclusion structure in favor of freeform absurdism,” The Guardian shares.

Remember, this upcoming show is unpredictable, so expect anything and everything from audience interaction to full-blown character meltdowns in the best way possible! “It’s not yet clear what the format of the live show will look like, but we can expect it to be a mix of live improv, comedy, and pre-scripted sketches featuring the show’s distinct comedy style and observational humor," Variety shares.

Located in downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Financial Theatre is known for its outstanding and clear acoustics, which will upgrade the sound quality for both dialogue and any musical elements present in the show. With a capacity of around 5,000 seats, the venue also offers a more intimate experience ideal for stand-up acts, as it allows the audience to feel closer to the performers! Get weird with Tim Robinson & Zach Kanin LIVE and get your tickets now for their performance on May 1st at 7:30 PM!

I Think You Should Leave Live at Arizona Financial Theatre

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