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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Multi-award-winning host and comedian John Oliver is bringing his critically-acclaimed live show across North America. The recently naturalized comedian is now proudly an American citizen, which means we will see much more savage commentary from the Emmy Award-winning host who took the world by storm with his TV show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This summer, Oliver will hit the road for his highly-anticipated trek titled John Oliver Live. These series of stand-up comedy dates comprise four rare appearances in select cities. Lucky for fans in Arizona, Oliver will be making his way to the Arizona Financial Theatre! On Monday, 24th July 2023, fans can look forward to Oliver’s remarkable observational comedy style. He is also known for his commentary and hilarious anecdotes. If you loved him at his show, Last Week, you’re guaranteed to love his live stand-up set! His shows in the U.S. are very limited, so if you want to see John Oliver perform live, you better hurry and score your tickets now!

John Oliver at Arizona Financial Theatre

British-American comedy icon, John Oliver, is regarded as the king of commentators. The highly-influential and vocal force on TV, radio, and the Internet has entertained viewers across the world with his works at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Political Animal, The Bugle with Andy Zaltzman, and his latest hit, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He also hosted the TV series John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show on Comedy Central for four years.

Oliver mentioned that fellow comedians have greatly influenced his commentating and comedy style. Some of the more notable names he mentioned were David Letterman, Peter Cook, John Stewart, and Armando Iannucci. Over the years, Oliver has honed his bits by speaking in an exaggerated British accent and showcasing mannerisms – this made him a starkly British personality that appeals greatly to the American audience. Oliver has called his accent “mongrel,” and he uses his voice and platform to influence his audiences.

One of Oliver’s known opinions includes his opposition to Brexit. He has delivered several monologues, calling it “painful,” “pointless,” and telling his British audiences that “you were signed up by your dumbest friend.” Moreover, Oliver has been highly critical of the British government and monarchy. His hilarious tirade against former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has garnered millions of views on Youtube. One of his more infamous criticisms was calling Johnson England’s very own Trump.

His voice has influenced U.S. mandates, legislation, and court rulings. Many fans call this “The John Oliver effect.” Although he maintains that he is no journalist, he discusses real-world issues and heavily researches reports with the help of his team. His work has also earned him numerous accolades, including 17 Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award, seven Writers Guild of America, three Primetime Emmys, and many more.

In 2020, Oliver officially became a U.S. citizen. This is great news for his U.S. fans because he could now go on his tirade on American politics without fear of getting deported. “There isn’t any part of me that didn’t think I’m a little bit vulnerable. I do talk shit. Under another country’s politics, that would be cause for deportation, or at least [the government] engaging in some form of fuckery. Like something out of Goodfellas: They open a door, plastic sheeting, Jared Kushner in a swivel chair stroking a hairless cat.”

Catch John Oliver live at the Arizona Financial Theatre by scoring your tickets now!

John Oliver at Arizona Financial Theatre

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