Los Temerarios at Arizona Financial Theatre

Los Temerarios Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO SATURDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 2023. Originally Friday 19th February 2072. All original tickets are still valid!

Are you sitting at home bored out of your mind? Then you need some adrenaline pumping action only a top tier heavy metal act can bring! This winter, Los Temerarios is bringing their 2023 tour to Phoenix, Arizona! The highly-regarded metal act takes over the Arizona Federal Theatre on Saturday 18th February 2023! This coveted performance is part of Los Temerarios’s extensive U.S. tour to support the release of the newest studio effort. The record spawned iconic hits that dominated the airwaves and now you can experience these songs performed live! Mind you that Los Temerarios’s shows are not to be taken lightly because this monumental act is known for inducing gargantuan mosh pits and other types of rampage. This is your opportunity to take part in the neck-breaking, adrenaline-rushing debauchery! So gear up, grab your tickets immediately and check out Los Temerarios at the Arizona Federal Theatre on Saturday 18th February 2023!

Los Temerarios at Arizona Federal Theatre

When it comes to experiencing the greatest Latin music shows in Phoenix, fans in the know surely make a stop at one place. Arizona Federal Theatre is heralded around the city, and the state, for bringing on their stage world-class performers while delivering the most refined viewing experience. The trendy decor, clean sightlines and unparalleled acoustics are just a small fraction of the plentiful great offerings in the venue. It won’t to hurt to know there’s also a fully loaded bar with vast variety of beverages. And if this is still not enough, you can always visit the most refined bars in town right around the corner for an afterparty. Book your ticket now and join thousands of passionate fans for a night of easy entertainment at Arizona Federal Theatre!

Los Temerarios at Arizona Federal Theatre

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