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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Sleep Token

Do you ever get to enjoy music without really knowing the actual names or faces of the performers? Imagine the adrenaline and excitement brought on by a combination of alternative metal, post-rock metal, progressive metal, and indie rock/pop. You’re jumping with the rest of the crowd and you don’t know the actual faces of the artists on stage. It doesn’t matter though because their music is all you need.

Well then, you are in luck as this is about to become reality!

Sleep Token comes to Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, 30th of April 2024!

Known for performing in costume with their faces covered by masks, Sleep Token has captivated music lovers while remaining anonymous.

The British band is about to embark on their North American tour this spring. Their latest album, Take Me Back to Eden, released in 2023, is the final part of a trilogy, coming after Sundowning and This Place Will Become Your Tomb.

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Sleep Token’s popularity grew in just a few years after this British band was formed in 2016. Ironically, they are known for being anonymous! Always in costume and wearing masks, no one really knows how each of the band members actually looks. Neither does anyone know their real names. When on stage, none of the members even talk. Still, its fanbase continues to expand as this band led by frontman Vessel keeps everyone on their toes.

From the time their first single, “Thread the Needle,” was released, their fans just keep wanting more of their very eccentric music, which cannot be said to exclusively belong to one genre. Sleep Token’s sound is a combination of indie rock/pop, alternative metal, progressive metal, and post-metal. At the same time, there are hints of soul music and R&B. Consistent with their sense of anonymity, Sleep Token remains vague about their musical influences and inspirations. In fact, since their creation in 2016, the band agreed to be interviewed only twice. In the first interview, frontman Vessel discussed the band's history with Metal Hammer saying, "We are here to serve Sleep and project His message." When asked about Sleep, he replied, "He is everywhere, at all times. Vessel encountered Sleep in a dream, with promise of glory and magnificence if Vessel followed Him."

2023 became a busy year for Sleep Token. In addition to being scheduled to play at that year's summer festivals, such as Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium, Wacken Open Air in Germany, Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK, and others, Sleep Token was nominated for Best UK Artist at the Heavy Music Awards in March 2023. In May 2023, Sleep Token took home the Best UK Artist title at the Heavy Music Awards. The band said in the same month that they would be doing a stand-alone headline performance at Wembley Arena in December 2023. Within ten minutes of tickets going on sale, the Wembley Arena gig was sold out. The band unveiled new masks during the performance, signifying the beginning of a "new era."

When the band comes to perform live in Phoenix, Arizona, be sure not to miss out! Get your tickets right now!

Sleep Token at Arizona Financial Theatre

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