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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

The Pretenders

This is your chance to experience the energy and passion of rock 'n' roll as The Pretenders take center stage at Arizona Financial theatre! Mark your calendars for Saturday, 10th August 2024, because Phoenix, Arizona will be the place to be for an extraordinary night. Relive the classics like "Brass in Pocket", "Back on the Chain Gang", and "Don't Get Me Wrong" live in an electrifying vibe.

The Pretenders have earned talents and a devoted fan base, with achievements that include chart-topping singles and multi-platinum albums. Now it's your chance to witness their celebrated rock n roll stage presence and musicianship live in person. Starting from just $88, tickets are an opportunity for an evening where rock tunes and pop tracks collide.

Don't miss this chance to see this iconic band perform LIVE this fall. Demand is high and seats are filling fast, so hit that 'buy tickets' button now for a night that promises to be nothing short of rocktastic!

The Pretenders USA Tour 2024

Embark on a rock n roll journey with the legendary Pretenders as they grace the stage of the Arizona Financial theatre on Saturday, 10th August 2024. An iconic force in rock music, The Pretenders continue their 'RELENTLESS US Tour 2024,' promising to deliver a fiery performance in Phoenix, Arizona. Look forward to a night jam-packed with timeless tunes and new bangers from their fresh album 'Relentless.' This tour's sheer magnitude is insane - 11 countries, over 50 gigs! Each concert oozes the band's unstoppable energy, creating an unreal experience for attendees.

About The Pretenders

Diving into the realm of rock 'n' roll, The Pretenders stand tall. Their unique sound and captivating stage performance? Pure charisma, largely thanks to their leader Chrissie Hynde. Four decades in the game hasn't slowed them down one bit; they've left a permanent mark on music history and even bagged a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Resilience is their middle name—dodging pitfalls of an often excessive lifestyle that comes with rock stardom proves it. And who can forget hits like "Brass in Pocket," "Back on the Chain Gang," or "Don't Get Me Wrong?" They're gearing up to wow us again with their undying energy and classic tunes that just never get old. 

Bursting onto the scene with a unique vibe and total control of their stage, The Pretenders, led by none other than the magnetic Chrissie Hynde, etched their name in rock 'n' roll history. For forty years, they've made their mark in music and earned high honors, like getting a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their tour is a nod to their resilience and dedication, reflecting their triumph over the rock 'n' roll lifestyle's excesses as chronicled in their renowned past. Celebrated for hits like "Brass in Pocket", "Back on the Chain Gang", and "Don't Get Me Wrong", the band is set to mesmerize audiences with their tireless energy and enduring sound.

Arizona Financial Theatre

For all the gig-goers and music lovers out there, Arizona Financial Theatre is a must-visit. It's not just any venue; it's an iconic landmark famous for its top-notch sound and lighting tech. You can vibe with up to 5,000 other fans in this buzzing heart of downtown Phoenix. The Pretenders? Yeah, they'll rock the house here perfectly! History? This theatre has seen tons of unique concerts that make it legendary! Thirsty or hungry during a concert? Don't sweat it - they've got full concessions including bars for your refreshment needs. Need more info on something specific about the place? Just reach out directly to them; they're always ready to help. 

Renowned for its killer sound system and high-tech light shows, the Arizona Financial theatre has cemented itself as a go-to spot in downtown Phoenix. With the capacity to accommodate 5,000 fans, downtown Phoenix's vibrant atmosphere is just right for The Pretenders' gig - it truly sets a dynamic mood. The theatre boasts a long history of hosting one-of-a-kind concerts and with full concessions including bars serving refreshments, it provides everything necessary for a impressive concert night. For any further details, patrons are encouraged to contact the venue directly.

Ticket Information

Prepare to be swept off your feet by securing your tickets without delay. Starting at $88, tickets for this must-see performance are available through the secure platform, Ticket Squeeze. Ensuring a seamless and secure transaction, simply click the "buy tickets" button to guarantee your place in what promises to be the highlight of the summer concert season.

Mark your calendars for August 10th, 2024 and join Pretenders' fantastic tour when it hits the Arizona Financial theatre. Don't let this chance slip by to see a group that truly embodies the essence of rock and roll. Secure your tickets today and be part of the RELENTLESS experience.

The Pretenders at Arizona Financial Theatre

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