Weezer, Spoon & White Reaper at Arizona Financial Theatre

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Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

The "Indie Rock Roadtrip" by Weezer is the tour that every fan has been waiting for. This particular leg of the journey will make a stop at the Arizona Financial Theater on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. The opening acts, Spoon and White Reaper, will play to get the crowd amped up for the main act. All three of these A-list performers will contribute to an unforgettable show that will take you to new heights of excitement and leave you wanting more. Grab your tickets right now; click the "Get Tickets" button before someone else beats you to it.

Weezer, Spoon & White Reaper at Arizona Financial Theatre

Weezer has been doing it big ever since their inception in 1992. Their debut album has been certified quadruple platinum, which is owed in large part to the quirky style that leaves audiences in a state of amazement hit after hit. Because of this endearing awkwardness, they have sold around 30 million copies of their incredible works worldwide.

All of their fantastic music will be available on the brand-new "Indie Rock Roadtrip" tour. You can expect to hear some of your favorite songs, including "My Name Is Jonas," "Only in Dreams," "Say It Ain't So," "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dream," and "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here," as well as some rarer tracks.

Their live performances are known to get the crowd jumping up and down like crazy, and this time it will be turned up to 11. You really can't afford to pass up this chance to feel the beat as the amps get cranked up to the max and music travels through your soul. Grab your tickets by clicking the "Get Tickets" button, and you will be all set for the time of your life.

Weezer, Spoon & White Reaper at Arizona Financial Theatre

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