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Bill Burr

Take a face full of rants from the ragingly hilarious Bill Burr this Thursday night, April 25th, at the Arizona Financial Theatre! Rolling Stone’s “heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor” targets sixteen cities in North America for his highly anticipated limited run of shows from February to July of 2024. Stay on your toes ‘cause Bill’s got one helluva haymaker! Famous for his hysterical monologues, our star will wow you with his Walmart-style tirades turned world-class stand-up performances! Bill Burr has recently enjoyed back-to-back successes starring in two Netflix #1 most-watched movies, “OId Dads” and “Leo,” not to mention a Primetime Emmy-nominated part in Roku’s hit anthology “Immoral Compass.” But before his big-screen breakthrough, Bill has been splitting sides with his critically acclaimed comedy specials, which include “Walk Your Way Out” and the GRAMMY-nominated “Paper Tigers,” with remarkable television roles in “F Is for Family,” “Breaking Bad,” “The Mandalorian.” Buy your tickets now and watch Bill Burr in Phoenix’s foremost venue for live entertainment!

Keep up with Ol’ Billy the Butter Basting B*tch in his newest roadshow rampage, ranting the days away across the United States and Canada. The creatively titled Bill Burr Live Tour will see the stellar stand-up icon perform in sixteen cities from February to July of 2024. Come April, the trip will light two nights at the Arizona Financial Theatre, with a special premiere you shouldn’t miss on Thursday the 25th!

“In a word… Fantastic! Bill put on a masterclass on bias, relationships, and social events in a way that was truthful and relevant. One of the BEST shows I have seen in my lifetime!”

A preeminent voice of modern comedy, Bill Burr’s gonna take you on a rollercoaster of his maniacal monologues, which had Rolling Stone peg him as “the undisputed heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor.” Audiences are advised to keep their guard up, or else you'll get your sides split with sublimely timed punchlines.

Our headlining star has been kicking ass and taking names as a top-billed (no pun intended) actor in recent projects, with two movies landing #1 most-watched premieres on Netflix. His directorial debut, “Old Dads,” had him star in the lead role of an acclaimed comedy film alongside Bobby Cannavale and Bokeem Woodbine. He also lent his voice to the animated musical “Leo,” where he plays a pet turtle opposite Adam Sandler’s titular tuatara.

Bill Burr boasts a string of stand-up specials that dates back to 2002, days when he still had hair, with its run of Netflix exclusives starting in 2012. Grab the chance to meet the mind behind “You People Are All the Same,” “I'm Sorry You Feel That Way,” “Walk Your Way Out,” and “Paper Tiger,” the last of which received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Comedy Album.

In addition, Bill created the beloved “Monday Morning Podcast” alongside fellow comic Al Madrigal in 2007, followed by the foundation of the All Things Comedy network five years later. He has also made several appearances on television as both a main and guest star, featuring notable roles in “F Is for Family,” “Breaking Bad,” “The Mandalorian,” and the Primetime Emmy-nominated "Immoral Compass.” Who knows? He might even give you a little impression or two.

This Thursday, April 25th, Bill Burr will blast the Arizona Financial Theatre full of roaring peals of laughter straight from 5,000 of his most dedicated fans. Despite its size, Phoenix’s modern multi-purpose site maintains an intimate ambiance through artfully projected lighting and sightlined stage, with the artist’s quips clearly emphasized by exceptional sound engineering. Book your tickets now and take your pick of deluxe seats in the house!

Bill Burr at Arizona Financial Theatre

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