Dancing With The Stars at Arizona Financial Theatre

Dancing With The Stars Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Do you want to catch some of the countries top dance talent deliver an unforgettable performance? Then you have to save the date for Saturday 12th March 2022 because the astonishing Arizona Federal Theatre is honored to present Dancing With The Stars when they make it back to Phoenix, Arizona for an evening of world-class dance entertainment. This incredible dance company has a history of delivering the top performances thanks to their blend of the greatest new talent in the industry and the most proven dance stars around. With their blend of modern and classical cultural influences, you are guaranteed a fresh experience that won’t be seen anywhere else. So click the Buy Tickets button below to get your tickets to this incredible show!

Dancing With The Stars at Arizona Federal Theatre

Arizona Federal Theatre is excited to present the epic Dancing With The Stars live and in person, on the Saturday 12th March 2022. This is going to be one of the ultimate dance performances of the year! Watch these nimble dancers move on masse round the stage like a many-celled organism, Dancing With The Stars dancers investigate new ways to locomote, with either a series of small prances or impossibly deep tiers, as their hands flutter beside their heads or are held cupped beneath their eyes, as if to catch plunging tears, and then if one dancer tries to break out from the group, they are immediately drawn back into the organism again and again, there is no moment or movement in this piece that isn't excellent, and that is a singular achievement. Dancing With The Stars seeks to creatively push the limits of dance with a awareness expressing itself through creation. Get yourself ready for an excellent night of extraordinary dance, buy your tickets right here for Dancing With The Stars at the wonderful Arizona Federal Theatre, the only place in Phoenix and definitely the ultimate place in Arizona to watch any dance performance! With tickets like this up for sale we are expecting a lot of interest in Dancing With The Stars so don’t wait purchase your tickets right now!

Dancing With The Stars at Arizona Federal Theatre

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