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ONEUS is kicking off a new era following the release of their newest mini-album "La Dolce Vita". In a poppin' new year for K-Pop domination, the band is taking its newest anthems to life. The boys kicked off their supporting tour in Seoul, and now they're jet-set to conquer the world. This spring, they're taking the ONEUS 2nd WORLD TOUR: La Dolce Vita to the U.S., including a special stop at Arizona Financial Theatre on Monday, June 8th. The band will also hold special shows in its 11-city trek across NYC, Orlando, Houston, and many more. Since their 2019 debut with "LIGHT US", they've captured all of our hearts - and La Dolce Vita is making us long for a moment to dance in a dreamy mermaid visual landscape. The album serves their newest hit single "Baila Conmigo", an ode to a last dance between two lovers. The track joins the band's roster of fan favorites - LIT”, “No Diggity”, “LUNA”, and “Same Scent”. Don't miss out on ONEUS' live show right in Arizona by booking your tickets now.

ONEUS kicked off a new era with the release of their newest mini-album "La Dolce Vita" in September 2023. Following their string of big hits - “No Diggity”, “LUNA”, and “Same Scent”, the band continues to win the hearts of K-Pop fans around the globe.

The band debuted in 2019 with their first mini album "LIGHT US", kicking off a legacy of conquering the global K-Pop stage. The boys quickly attracted an international following, entering the Top 10 lists and charts in Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, and Italy. From trainees to global superstars, the boys continue to grow and develop their craft, crossing borders and pushing boundaries.

The band's newest hit single "Baila Conmigo" is largely inspired by Latin pop music, and the first inspiration to the album's mermaid visual story.

"Usually, people relate Latin music to something red and fiery, and we thought of a completely contrasting color -- blue. The mermaid story also popped up then," Keonhee shared, via The Korea Herald. "A last dance with one's lover that one could give up his life for was the perfect epitome of 'La Dolce Vita,'" he explained about the track, its title translating to "Dance with Me".

Pushing the focus away from Billboard chart-topping targets, the record was met with remarkable success globally. It hit the Top 10 on iTunes charts and sales in 12 regions, alongside favorable performance in different countries' current hits. The boys have definitely gone through significant growth and development over the past years. It's been five years of elevating their vocals, songwriting, choreography, and creative production from concepts to visuals.

The album also shares a Spanish version of its lead single "Baila Conmigo". It's also their first Spanish song, five years in the industry. Though the language isn't that common among K-Pop acts, ONEUS saw it as an opportunity to reach a wider audience, and connect with listeners of the rising genre.

"Latin pop seems to be in style. It's logging high on the Billboard charts, and we wanted our songs to be enjoyed more globally," Keon-hee shared. "We also wanted to return the big love from fans we received during our recent world tour in South America, and Spanish sounded like a perfect match for the song's unique tone,"

Focused on creating music that hopes to reach new territories, the boys are celebrating diversity and new influences in their masterpieces. Beyond the pressures of Billboard ranking and chart performances, their reputation isn't defined by numbers - it's defined by the way they are able to connect and speak to human souls through the power of their lyrical tales. "We and the company agreed that if we do our own music, results would follow naturally with time.," Lee-do shared.

Don't miss out on ONEUS' 2nd WORLD TOUR: La Dolce Vita by booking your tickets now!

Oneus at Arizona Financial Theatre

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