Thunderbolt Boxing at Arizona Financial Theatre

Thunderbolt Boxing Tickets

Arizona Financial Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

You've waited a long time but now the wait is over… Friday 2nd July 2021 is the day Thunderbolt Boxing go head to head in the largely anticipated match this season. This incredible game will be taking place at the beloved sports venue, the Arizona Federal Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. Have you witnessed an intense game at the Arizona Federal Theatre before? Well now is your only chance! The cheer of a packed crowd is something to experience! Followers from across Phoenix will be itching to get to this event. Tickets are very much in demand for this awe-inspiring match between these iconic rivals this July. We recommend organizing your seats early to avoid disappointment.

Thunderbolt Boxing at Arizona Federal Theatre

If you’re in the mood for some top-quality sports experience – you’re in luck. One of the hottest venues in Phoenix, Arizona has prepared a program full of unmissable events in 2021 and sports enthusiasts of all stripes will be there to see them. The highly praised Arizona Federal Theatre once again will draw countless exalted fans from all across the country who will share exclusive nights of easy entertainment. Because Arizona Federal Theatre surely is the gold standard when it comes to entertainment. The venue’s great location makes it the go-to place for Phoenix locals and visitors, while the friendly yet top professional staff proves its mighty reputation again and again. Another outstanding perk is the parking lot located a stone’s throw from the hall’s front doors. What more can be desired for your premier sports evening out? Take a front-row look at the upcoming program and treat yourself with all the goodies that your ticket comes with.

Thunderbolt Boxing at Arizona Federal Theatre

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